A curious promotion linked Sony Computer Entertainment Japan with the Excel Tokyu Hotel in Haneda. No, Sony isn’t throwing a launch party with hippos and lions in the hotel. The two companies are partnering to provide a “Direct to Africa” experience.


From September 1 to September 30 guests can book a special room that includes a 100 inch projected screen, a sound studio created by Sony Music, a PlayStation 3, and a copy of Afrika. A solo safari adventure costs 19,000 yen ($175) for the night. Two people need to pay 15,000 yen ($140) per person. The price includes breakfast, but not the optional room service “Savannah Plate” which contains hamburgers, grilled seafood, and a salad for an additional 4,000 yen ($37). While this sounds expensive the price isn’t substantially more than booking a basic hotel room at Haneda’s Excel Tokyu Hotel. Internet is included in the fee too so you can chat on MSN and pretend you’re on another continent when you see a giant computer generated zebra projected on a wall.




Images courtesy of Sony.

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