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God Eater 2’s 1.2 Update Detailed


With Christmas over, it’s time for the folks slaying Aragami to get back to business. God Eater 2’s v1.2 update will land January 21st. Players will get a new episode starring returning character Lindow Amamiya.


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Also on offer is an entirely new subclass of monster species to slay, the Godspeeds or Blitz types. These subspecies will, no surprises, be endowed with much faster speeds than normal, such as the below Godspeed Hannibals. There will be several new missions added, featuring them.



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You might want to know about the new “Enhance” Missions as well. These are missions with extra—though optional—requirements. Fulfil them, however, and it seems elemental effects will come into play and be empowered.



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Alongside these missions come a bevy of extra new support skills, items, costumes and weapon crafting bits in a “New Year’s Pack”. The items don’t seem to need you to have to go on “Enhance” missions though.



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Finally, update 1.1’s items are also fully unlocked now, including a bunch of brand new jet-black and super-badass looking weapons such as the Eclipse Katana Brute Howl or the Buster blade type Strong Saw Adam Break.



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Alongside the cool stuff is news that Cores, Blood Arts and minor bugs are also being fixed or adjusted.


God Eater 2 is out now for Sony’s Vita and PSP.


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