God Eater 3 Reveals The Accel Trigger And Engage Systems

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God Eater 3’s second trailer was revealed today on the God Eater 8th Anniversary live stream, and following the trailer God Eater 3 producer Yuya Tomiyama went in-depth on the game with a live playthrough.


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Firstly, Tomiyama talked a bit about the setting of the game. The world of God Eater (in the future of God Eater 2: Rage Burst) currently being threatened by a new ash-like mist which turns everything it touches into dust, the “Ash Zone”. Furthermore, the Ash Zone continuously expanding.


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The Adaptive God Eaters (AGE) are the characters we have seen in the trailers so far, chained up and living in a prison-like area. The AGEs have a resistance towards the Ash Zone, so they are able to work for a longer time than regular God Eaters, especially in areas with a high percentage of Ash Zone.


The AGEs are special people who live in a harsh environment, and are under strict orders to work in the Ash Zone. The developers described their role as the people who do the dirty work in Fenrir. They are locked up because of their powers, but they’re still partially seen as the savior of mankind against the Ash Zone.


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Hugo Pennywort, the new character who appeared in the new trailer, is a young man who became an AGE alongside the main character when they were children.


Hugo grew up alongside the protagonist in the prison, and his last name, Pennywort, is actually the name of the prison they are locked inside. As such, his name can be interpreted as, ‘Hugo, of Pennywort prison’. The rest of the AGEs in Pennywort prison actually also share the last name Pennywort.


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The Engage system is a new battle system in which players and their allies can share their buffs after activation. In order to use the system, an Engage gauge needs to be filled up by fighting near allies.


This system was actually one of the battle systems conceived for God Eater 2, but only finally made it into God Eater 3.


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After giving a lot of thought to the release platforms, PS4 and PC via Steam were decided as the platforms for the game, to reflect the evolution of the game. The developers also promised experiences that can only be done on a home console.


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Going into gameplay, Tomiyama showed off the combined staff form of the dual swords. While in this mode, the player can use strong attacks, but the Stamina gauge will not replenish in this form. Therefore, careful management and switching between the modes is required.


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In God Eater 3, players will now be able to devour Aragami while jumping.


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The Ray Gun is a laser beam Gun mode weapon, which steadily increases in power the longer it is fired. (Shown by the beam becoming increasingly thicker) The developers advise players to find the right timing and use all their OP in one go for this type of weapon.


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The developers then showed off a fight against the Anubis, which can enter its two-legged Burst Mode if it devours the player character or their allies. In this state, they change patterns and do more damage.


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If a player is devoured by the Aragami, they enter a ‘Link Burst’ status where they are unable to request for aid from other players. If the player loses all their health in this state, they will immediately respawn and cannot be revived by an ally. Furhtermore, the Engage system cannot be used.


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By reaching certain requirements, a new ‘Accel Trigger’ system will be activated. In the gameplay shown, the Guardian Lv.3 Accel Trigger is activated thanks to a Perfect Guard, and increases the player character’s attack power. This buff can also be shared when using the Engage system.


God Eater 3 is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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