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God Eater 3 Scrapped Its Giant Gauntlet Weapon, But It Helped Make The Heavy Moon



    Now that God Eater 3 is out in Japan, key developers from Bandai Namco and Marvelous shared some stories about its development, including a giant gauntlet melee weapon that was scrapped, in an interview in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


    Wataru Atsumi, Director: “The development was mostly done by Marvelous. Bandai Namco did the concepts, characters, and scenario.


    Hiro Yoshimura, General Director: “Marvelous was also in charge of the Aragami.”


    Hiro Yoshimura: “A melee weapon called the Gauntlet that had you fight using a giant gauntlet was scapped. In return, Ittetsu-san (Marvelous’ Ittetsu Suzuki) planned out the Heavy Moon, which carries the genes of the Gauntlet.”


    Ittetsu Suzuki: “Atsumi-san has great taste in naming God Arcs. Hats off to him.”




    Koichi Itakura, Illustrator: “Phym [pictured above] looks like she’s wearing clothes, but other than her cape, the white part is all skin made of Oracle Cells. Its texture is kind of like hen of the woods. [laughs]”


    Yusuke Tomizawa, General Producer (On why it is coming to PC): “When God Eater 2 Rage Burst released overseas they did play the PS4 version, but the PC version sold like hotcakes, and in total the PC version sold the most.”


    Yusuke Tomizawa: “We’ll be doing a development summit to share opinions directly with the fans. It sounds like we might have to do one overseas as well.”

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