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God Eater 3’s New ‘Heavy Moon’ Switches From A Chakram-Like Form Into An Axe


god eater 3 heavy moon 1

New information about God Eater 3’s new ‘Heavy Moon’ weapon has been released by Famitsu, after the official reveal earlier yesterday. The Heavy Moon looks like an oversized chakram, but can also transform into a giant axe.


god eater 3 heavy moon 2

In the Heavy Moon’s normal form, the protagonist uses the curved edge of the blade to do wide slashes that also have the drawback of having long motions. By doing a certain button combination or certain combos, the crescent moon will extend and turn into a giant battleaxe with high raw power.


god eater 3 heavy moon 3

Finally, “Habakiri” is a new female-looking Aragami that does not have a Burst form as it’s theorized that it is still adapting to the Ashlands. When it sees a target, it boosts forward with incredible speed using its leg rockets and attacks with electricity-fused arm blades. This has lent it the name of “Swordswoman of the Ashlands”.


However, even at long ranges, it can still surprise players with long distance electricity lasers, and Famitsu also shows an attack where a lock-on reticule shows up to target the player. As a result, it’s best not to let down your guard no matter what distance it’s at.


God Eater 3 is in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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