God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology Describes What’s New And What’s Improved

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Kadokawa Games recently announced God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology, an updated release of the original God Wars on PS4, PSV, and Nintendo Switch, and more information was shown in Famitsu regarding what’s new and improved.


Battle speed has been greatly improved, while a help feature has also been added. The amount of fielded characters on any map has been increased from 6 to 8, and the level cap and skill cap has been increased.


Honeyview_orihime 2

Momotaro and his three companions are now playable, and a new episode and multiple endings have been added. Momotaro is a close quarters attacker, while Dog, Monkey, and Hawk, have their own traits, such as focusing on buffs or debuffs.


The new scenario, named ‘Underworld Maze’, will go into Momotaro’s backstory and destiny. The stages needed to reach the true ending are hard enough to challenge even players who have beaten the original game.


New songs and a new ending theme are also included in the updated version. All these improvements mentioned so far will be available for the original God Wars at a later date through DLC, except for the extra scenarios, which are additional paid DLC. However, the new release adds an exclusive playable character, Orihime.


Orihime (CV: Yuu Serizawa)

orihime 1

Orihime is a shrine maiden who lives at an abandoned shrine. By fulfilling certain requirements, she will become a playable character, with a supporting role in battle.


God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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