Godzilla Squishmallows Look Incredibly Friendly

Godzilla Squishmallows Look Incredibly Friendly 1

Now that these Squishmallow plush toys are popular, it means all sorts of crossovers. Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog characters already had their turn. Now, the latest assortment involves a Godzilla Squishmallow collaboration. Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla, and Rodan are all part of the initial four. After finding two a local store, I was pleasantly surprised to see how strong the likenesses are, as well as how friendly they look in this incarnation.

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Both the Godzilla and Mothra Squishmallows I picked up are part of the 8” toy line. This makes them a bit too small to use as an actual pillow, like the Pikachu variant. They’re more of a decorative piece like a throw pillow or something to hug. (Both were a bit too tall to place on my normal stuffed animal shelf with some Animal Crossing and Story of Seasons plush, as they’d dominate the other two.) But they fit well on a desk or placed on my desk chair when I’m not using it.

The quality on both plush is rather nice. Each one is soft and well-made. Godzilla has a number of spines along his back, leading down to his tail. He also has a friendly, toothy smile to him. I’d say I was more impressed with Mothra, in terms of quality. There are so many different types of fabrics used, the eyes’ material has a gradation to it. Plus, as a nod to being a giant moth, her stomach is quite fluffy. The only knock against her I’d say is that the wings could have been a bit bigger, as while displaying you can barely see them.

The level of detail and extra attention to Mothra’s design also means it is the more immediately recognizable of the two. Even without seeing the wings, anyone aware of Godzilla and the existence of these Squishmallows inspired by it would probably be able to tell who this is. Meanwhile, Godzilla can look a bit more like a generic dinosaur that happens to be the same color as Godzilla. Unless you turn it around and see the three rows of spines down the back, you might not catch which character it is.

I think what I appreciated most about it is just having a friendly sort of Godzilla toy. I grew up watching the older movies with my grandfather, but it seemed when I was a kid that most items involved plastic toys and figures that didn’t appeal to me. Granted, now I do have a space decorated to such things, but getting an additional option, especially with Mothra being among the announced batch, meant a chance to get a sort of stuffed animal I’d have loved when younger.

Both the Godzilla and Mothra Squishmallows are interesting options that essentially offer an extra option for people who want merchandise based on the series, but perhaps not more traditional items. Both are absolutely all-ages sorts of collectibles. They’re a good size where they aren’t obnoxiously large, but could be a nice accent on a couch or bed. Also, while Godzilla could be mistaken for some sort of unrelated, prehistoric creature, the likenesses are still generally good. Especially in the case of Mothra, who is quite distinctive. They’re a fun extra option.

The Godzilla 8” Squishmallow collection is now available, with Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla, and Rodan at places like Learning Express and Toydrops for $15-20.

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