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Going Through Bravely Second’s Post-End Game Content




Beating Bravely Second: End Layer isn’t the end of things. While it is possible to immediately start the prologue over in New Game+ and dimension hop, that’s only one option. (Though, make sure you do go through the prologue first, to make sure chests show up again!) There are actually a lot of things you can do in the game after beating the final boss and watching the credits roll. You don’t want to immediately move on to a replay or new game.


You’ll want to start with acquiring the Yokai Asterisk, if you haven’t already. It’s one of the last chapter six sidequests in Bravely Second. Remember Bravely Default’s Vampire Castle in Eternia? That’s where Yoko is waiting for the party. You definitely want to do this, since you can get up to level 11 in all other jobs after you earn it and level it up to level two, to get the Awakening support skill. As long as a character has Awakening equipped, they can unlock and reach level 11 in their other jobs. After earning the Yokai Asterisk, visiting the seven stone monuments will allow you to fight and defeat seven bosses that unlock the seven diabolism attacks.



Three more bonus dimension dungeons open up after beating the game, each one with multiple bosses. This means visiting Caldis, to head to a castle near Caldisla, the cave near Yulyana Woods on Yulyana, and the Eisen’s Mythril Mines. All of these places are fantastic spots to level grind, after you’ve gotten the Yokai Asterisk. You’ll have no trouble getting every job up to level 11 here.


You also get a chance to fight the Adventurer and her fox in one of these three dungeons. She waits with her furry friend within the Mythril Mines’ Dimension Cauldron bonus dungeon. She’s a very difficult fight, too! She can use Meteor and rain, has a Max Slash attack, and uses Falcon Claw. The fox restores her Brave Points and won’t hesitate to cast Blind or Dispel on your party. Worst of all, you have to fight the two of them twice. After winning once, the battle starts over again with both the Adventurer and fox restored to their original status, but your party exactly the way they were at the end of the previous battle.



This is also a good time to start getting buns from Ba’als with gold frames. These increase a character’s stats permanently by between one and three points. You need to have one character have Thief abilities set and make them use Prince of Thieves, the job’s level 11 ability. That has a 25% chance of stealing an extraordinarily rare item you could never typically get. Protect all Ba’als with gold frames, until you have someone with this ability and can start powering up characters.


Aside from battles, there are also some aesthetic options. If you don’t mind the Chompcart clicker minigame, you can head into there to earn more songs. You’ll actually be able to see plateaus for getting certain tracks. You can also find optional costumes that change character’s appearance in battle. Each one’s rather expensive (over 100,000pg), so they’re really there if you have no other way to spend your in-game money. There’s a lot to enjoy in Bravely Second. Make sure you explore as much as possible before heading away from this game.


Bravely Second: End Layer is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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