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Going on a dream date in Hana Yori Dango -Koi Seyo Onago-


Touching Rui HanazawaDating members of the F4, and other elligible men, in Hana Yori Dango -Koi Seyo Onago- gets to be quite an affair. The men are quite picky about how you should dress, what should be in the lunches you make, how you should answer them and how they should be touched. Only if you think and plan ahead will you have a successful date.

For today’s date run-through, we’ll use Tsukasa Doumyoji as the example date. (Because he’s the only character I’ve been going for throughout the story – not because he’s the main guy character in the manga/anime/drama.) The first thing you do is send a text message to Doumyoji a day or so before the weekend – when all dates happen. It’s the third option. If he agrees, he’ll respond back with a date and your calendar will be marked.

On the day of the date, you’ll see the bento and clothing icons flashing. You need to dress appropriately and create a suitable lunch for the outing. Clothing is easiest to handle, so take care of that first. There’s a top bar in the upper right corner – arrange clothes so that it is completely filled.

Then go to the bento/lunch option. The most expensive foods aren’t always the way to go here – each guy has his own food preferences. For example, Doumyoji likes chocolates as a desert and the hot dogs cut up to look like octopi. I’d also recommend a rice dish and eggs. Never include salad as a side with a lunch for Doumyoji – he doesn’t like it.

Once that’s done, head out to meet your date. There’ll be some small talk, and the screen will shift so you can touch him, much like in the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side DS games. The difference is that there are hearts on the right, a bar on the top screen and that weed/flower stem on the right. Touching and blowing is pressure sensitive. If you blow for a certain amount of time or hold the stylus in place on a spot, the gauge on the top screen will fill up. You’ll have to experiment a bit to discover what guys like and don’t like, and these likes will change as his affection for you grows. (Note: Doumyoji tends to like having his arm and hair touched until the bar gets into the red section.)

You’ll then go out. He’ll ask you what you want to do. Then you’ll have lunch. After lunch, he’ll ask where you’d like to go. You go to an area (like the park, zoo or amusement park). He’ll ask you another question. After that, another touching sequence will ensue.

Depending on the relationship level, he’ll walk you home or even kiss you goodnight. You’ll also see the heart gauge appear, and it will fill up a little or a lot based on how well the day went.

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