Good Smile Company Opens Preorders for New Akai Haato Nendoroid

Akai Haato Nendoroid

Good Smile Company has opened pre-orders for a new Nendoroid of Akai Haato, the latest member of Hololive to join the figure’s lineup. Pre-orders will be available from August 16, 2021, to September 30, 2021, or until pre-order stocks last. Additionally, the figure will cost $59.99, and ship sometime in August 2022.

Included with the figure are three face parts and a few items to recreate some scenarios from “Haachama Cooking.” Her three faceplates come in a standard, smiling, and hopeless expression. She also comes with several hand parts for holding items, as well as one making a heart-shaped gesture as shown in the figure’s initial WonHobby 33 reveal.

Like the Gawr Gura Nendoroid, the Akai Haato Nendoroid also features a custom stand with her logo on it. The figure comes also comes with a burnt frying pan, tarantula, and even a smaller figure of Haaton the pig.

Importantly, Good Smile Company notes that pre-orders may close during the period due to production limits. Individuals are also limited to purchases of three per order. While the figure is shipping in June 2022 in Japan, it will release the figure in North America later in August 2022. You can get a better look at the Akai Haato Nendoroid below:

The Akai Haato Nendoroid is immediately available for pre-order on the Good Smile Company store and costs $59.99. Pre-orders will last until September 30, 2021, or until pre-order supplies last. The figure will ship sometime in August 2022.

Andrew Kiya
Andrew Kiya is a mixed Japanese writer, streamer, and activist. Born in Japan, and raised in both Japan and the United States, he is forever waiting for the next Ape Escape game.