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Goodbye! BoxBoy!’s Qbby Amiibo Adds A Game Boy Filter To The Game


gameboy_pc The Japanese website for Goodbye! BoxBoy! has updated, offering information on the Nintendo 3DS game’s amiibo support and additional features. The Qbby amiibo will unlock a Game Boy filter, which will make the entire game look as though it is being played on an original Game Boy, and Qucy costume. In addition, all four Kirby amiibo are compatible, unlocking Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee costumes for Qbby to wear.


In addition, details about the sorts of challenges Qbby will face and abilities he will use in Goodbye! BoxBoy! have been revealed. There are 150 levels available across 22 worlds, as well as 40 challenge levels you can buy with in-game currency. The challenge levels may require you to collect all crowns in a level or complete one without jumping. As for abilities, in some areas Qbby may need to help guide BoxBits, which are children, use BoxBombs that explode, ride BoxRockets that can fly, warp with BoxWarps that teleport, and move RemoteBoxes that can be controlled later. There will also be levels where he’ll encounter extreme winds, underwater segments, and reversed gravity.


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Goodbye! BoxBoy! will be released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on February 2, 2017. A worldwide release has yet to be announced.

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