Google’s Has Its Own Stadia Controller, But You Can Use Your Own Too


stadia controller 2


Google announced their latest data center-based platform, Stadia, today, and they also announced that the platform will have its own controller that will be sold separately.


stadia controller 1

Stadia Controller connects via Wi-Fi to the game running in the Google Data Center, and identifies your game session for seamless transfers.


Apart from standard features on a controller, the new Capture button saves and shares the player’s game experience, while the Google Assistant button allows you to ask for help via a built-in microphone.


stadia controller 4 

Oh, and it seems to have the Konami code etched in at the back.


stadia controller 3

That said, Google stated that it welcomed players to use their own controllers, such as USB controllers for your devices.


Edit: Here’s a clearer look at the controller from Google’s press release:

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