This Gorgeous Survival Game Started Out As A Half Life 2 Total Conversion Mod


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Here’s a potentially great game that could be. Raindrop was initially intended to be a Half Life 2 total conversion that would turn the game into something entirely different. Entirely more… lonely. Things didn’t quite pan out, though, despite what seems like a lot of design and actual work that went into the modification at the time.


Then, developers Raindrop Studios’ initial two man team of Nihad Nasupovic and Max Ramirez had to part ways at the time, but are now back together and ready to try their hand at it again with a full swing, placing their bets on Kickstarter



Raindrop is a survival game, and there’s plenty of questions to be asked and answered just by watching the amazing tech demo concept video they’ve posted above. Raindrop will be running on the Unity engine, which is powerful enough to pump out the pretty when needed. Much like other survival games, players will have to scrounge off the land to find supplies, and the devs are promising a crazy amount of detail to that scrounging—such as taking the switch off a light switch and turning it and other everyday objects into a makeshift gun that looks legitimately like it could come to pass.

This is also Chapter 1 of a planned trilogy, with extra funds with enough backer support going to offset Chapter 2 straight off the bat.

If you’re interested, the game has already reached about 20% of its funding target of $144,000 with 19 days to go.

You should also really peruse their backer specials. The art books look gorgeous, and that box it might ship in also looks breathtakingly unique. I’d put money for that! Or maybe for the vinyl LP of the soundtrack – the only true way to listen to music say aficionados.

Raindrop is planned for a PC and Mac release. You can check it out here.

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