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Goro Majima Goes Disco Dancing In Yakuza Zero, Then He Plays Outrun



When you’re not beating up street thugs, there’s always different things to do in Yakuza games and Yakuza Zero is no exception, as it adds all kinds of new mini-games in addition to familiar ones from previous games. The official website gives us a look at what you can do in the game.


Yakuza Zero is a prequel to the very first game of the series that takes place in 1988. During the time, disco was still a pretty big deal in Japan, and the game will show it in its full glory with some fever time action.


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The Disco spot’s main feature is the dancing mini-game that will let you play as Kiryu or Majima to take on the dance floor and charge up the audience’s voltage to perform a special dance called the “Fever Time,” which will bring everyone to their feet and join in on the dance.


Besides dancing, the Disco will let you pick up girls who hang out in the area, eat meals at the bar, chill in the VIP rooms, and more.


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The Karaoke feature that was in earlier Yakuza games will also make a return. In Yakuza Zero, there are two modes, where you can sing your heart out in “Karaoke Box” or have a more relaxed mood where you can sit and enjoy foods and music with the “Karaoke Snack” mode.


From claw cranes to arcade games, the arcade center will return with various mini-games to have fun with. This time it’ll feature some Sega classics like Space Harrier, OutRun, Fantasy Zone, and Hang-On. As previously reported, the aforementioned games can be played on the PlayStation Vita via Remote Play.


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Yakuza Zero will release on March 12, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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