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Gotta Catch ‘Em All In Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition’s Figure Collection Mode


Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition uses the Nintendo 3DS’ StreetPass functionality to facilitate a separate Figure Collection game mode. StreetPass allows two 3DS systems to communicate with each other while in sleep mode, so Figure Collection is a somewhat passive feature.


Winning fights in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition’s regular game will earn you Figure Points. These points can then be used to operate an in-game slot machine that earns you figures of the different fighters. Each fighter has multiple figures with varying stats.


Figures can also be acquired by taking your 3DS with you when you go out. The 3DS operating system has a built-in pedometer feature by which walking with your 3DS yields Game Coins, which can be used to unlock content in games. In the case of Super IV 3D, These can be converted into Figure Points to spend on the slot machine.


In a Pokémon-esque twist, figures can also be traded with friends in an attempt to complete your figure collection…and that’s not all. The real focus of the Figure Collection mode is the ability to battle with your figures.


Figures have customizable stats. You can select a figure, assign stats to it and save your configuration. Five figures can then be chosen to form a party that will represent you in battles. In addition to stats, figures also have different levels, and the level cap for the entirety of your party is 20. You’ll need to do the math and work out which five figures you want on your team.


Once your team is set up, you carrying your 3DS with you — regardless of whether the Super IV 3D cartridge is in it or not — will activate a passive figure battle should you happen to by another Nintendo 3DS owner that has his own team of figures set up.

Ishaan Sahdev
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