Xbox 360

Gotta catch’em all…err…get’em all in Lost Planet


Games that require you to search long and hard for items that are either beneficial to the game itself are pretty good; games that require you to search for hidden items to increase your Xbox 360 gamerscore was even better for those who want bragging rights. Lost Planet is one of those games that has items known as target marks scattered throughout all 11 Missions, but the one problem that stumps a lot of Lost Planet players, aside from the game’s super cool oldschool difficulty which varies from person to person, is the exact location of these target marks. If one of the achievements in the game is the Target Mark Master which unlocks after you’ve found all target marks in all the game’s diffiuculty, then only one question remains; where the #@%$#^@! are the rest of those target marks?




Lucky for you, there is help.


Aside from purchasing the $17.99 strategy guide that details the locations of the target marks in Normal Mode and including a fold out map that has the locations of the target marks in the other difficulties, the nice, wonderful people at Xbox C4 have graciously posted actual screenshots of where each target mark is based on each mission’s difficulty. They even circled the area where the target mark can be found, and that’s pretty convenient. Click here to visit the site and begin your journey into the known; and even if the site is in Japanese, the hyperlinks aren’t. If you can get all the target marks and unlock the achievement that shows you have, you’ve officially become the best person in the Lost Planet gaming community…next to those who’ve finished the game in Extreme Mode.