Death Comes To The Dragon Collection RPG


Like other smartphone RPGs, leveling your monsters up in the new Dragon Collection game runs on two tracks: The first is a normal level up with experience points you get from fighting foes. The second is turning a monster—say, a catgirl—into her more powerful and evolved next evolution stage form.

Now, usually this latter evolution requires either that you sacrifice another catgirl or some alchemical ingredients to the first. And that’s kinda how it works for Dragon Collection, too. Except, you’ll want to take a step back and do some prep work beforehand.

See these guys? Look at their cute little “I’m going to war mama don’t be sad” faces. These guys are slimes Jerries. They’ll be what you need as base alchemy ingredients to evolve your troops. But they’re not FIRED UP yet.


THESE guys, however, are all ready and willing to sacrifice themselves for the Motherland you. Or maybe Meru, since everyone would want to sacrifice themselves for incredibly beautiful swordswomen. How exactly you turn them from one to the other isn’t known yet, but we do get to see what happens if you choose to evolve a monster like Death below with one or the other.


Death with your lackadaisical bunch of Jerries. Still looks pretty mean, right?

Death FIRED UP after your rarin’-to-go Jerries are sacrificed instead.




These obviously result in not just a visual upgrade, but also stronger monsters.


Dragon’s Collection is expected to be out in 2014 as a free-to-play game for iOS and Android.