Grab a new Mecha in the Fate/Grand Order Halloween 2019 Rerun

Fate Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order players probably want to recover after the intense fights of the Battle in New York, but for better and worse, it seems Aniplex’s idea of a break is a slightly more relaxed grind. That’s right, it’s time for a rerun event. This time, the subject is Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb – Himeji Castle War –, last year’s Halloween event. That event had players climbing a facsimile of Himeji Castle (stacked atop a great pyramid, in turn planted in the center of Hungary’s Castle Csejte) to confront Mecha Eli-chan, the robotic alter ego of famed 16th-century murderer Elizabeth Báthory.

Since her debut in Fate/Extra CCC, Elizabeth has gone on to become one of Fate/Grand Order‘s more prolific characters, with half a dozen playable variants available in the game across a range of Servant classes. It helps that two of the six were the free giveaway Servants for the 2017 and 2018 Halloween events, but as a share of FGO’s hundreds-strong Servant roster, she’s second only to the original Fate heroine, Altria Pendragon.

The Halloween 2019 event is also unique among Fate/Grand Order events in that it offers a choice of Servants this time around: At the close of the event, players can pick either Mecha Eli-chan, or her chrome-bodied counterpart Mecha Eli-chan Mk. II. It’s honestly not a huge choice: Both Servants are identical, statistically, and differ only in appearance and personality. But they are treated as two separate Servants, meaning that players who’ve tackled the event before can pick up the second option this time around, netting them two powerful Servants from the relatively rare Alterego class.

Players with Saint Quartz to spend can also roll on the banner, which raises drop rates for 5-Star Assassin Osakabehime. Osakabehime is based on a spirit that allegedly haunts the environs of Himeji Castle. Located in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, Himeji is considered the best-preserved example of the prototypical Japanese castle design. With her name translating to “The Princess Within the Walls,” Fate/Grand Order‘s take on the Servant is as a nerdy shut-in, naturally. That said, she’s not a limited-rarity Servant, so players not looking to snag her specifically are advised to hold onto their savings for the moment.

The FGO Halloween 2019 rerun will end on October 13, 2020. Fate/Grand Order is available immediately on iOS and Android.

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