Grab Some Friends To Fight Your Way Through Lovely 2D Action RPG Secrets Of Grindea


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It’s about time you knew about Secrets of Grindea if you didn’t already.


This is a lovely 2D action-RPG that supports up to four players at once in co-op, and it has a bit of an old-school sentimentality about it. The world of Grindea is all based around one thing – collecting as much stuff as you possibly can.


In fact, when you start off choosing your character, you’ll find out that your official title is Collector. Your mission is to head out into the world, diving into the most dangerous areas in order to find the best “rares” that you can.


It has Zelda-like combat, deep character customization – in fact, it deliberately doesn’t have classes so that you can choose how you want to level your character up – no level caps, a lengthy main story, side quests, lots of colorful dungeons, and secrets to find.


Currently, Secrets of Grindea isn’t finished, but it’s coming along very well and you can actually pre-order the game to get beta access. As you’ll see on the store page, there are multiple tiers to choose from, with the lowest being $15, which just gets you a Steam key and a DRM-free version of the game.


There’s a community swelling around Secrets of Grindea, so if you want to get involved, check out the game’s website and probably take a look at the wiki pages.

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