Grab Your Shark Launcher For Enter The Gungeon’s April 5 PS4 & PC Launch

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Enter the Gungeon, a top-down dungeon crawler that hands players dozens of absurd guns, will be available on Steam and PS4 on April 5.




In Enter the Gungeon, players choose one of several available Gungeoneers and set out to claim a gun that will let them erase their pasts. To find that weapon, they’ll need to descend through the game’s randomly-generated dungeon, alone or cooperatively, tangling with the Cult of the Gundead along the way.




The Gundead spray the screen with bullets, creating bullet-hell-like shot spreads that can only be avoided with the player’s combat roll. To fight back, players can use an array of ridiculous guns that will be hidden in chests throughout the dungeon. These weapons will let players fire reams of missiles and bullets, but also branch off into more absurd fare like shark launchers, rainbow-firing guns, and weapons that launch bees at their enemies.

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