Grab Your Kimono And Jinbei For The Dragalia Lost Festival Phenoms Banner

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The next Dragalia Lost banner has been revealed, and it has a summer festival theme. People will be able to get new dark-type units between June 30 and July 11, 2019. Two five-star Adventurers and one five-star Dragon are being added.


The two new Adventurers are Natalie and Yaten. Natalie is a katana-wielder who can have 100% paralysis resistance and has various skills that boost her damage when her health is low. For example, Defiant Dance will increase damage as HP decreases, while also energizing her and giving her a chance of upgrading her next ability. She also has a Clean Slate that removes debuffs and, based on her current health, will either increase her strength or force her health down to 20% of her max HP and give her a divergent shield. Her co-ability raises everyone’s strength by 10%.


Yaten is a sword-wielder who can also be upgraded to 100% paralysis resistance. His gimmick involves boosting his own strength and his team’s energy. His normal attack, Festival Rush, does shadow damage, but it can also become the more powerful Festival Dance if he is energized. His Bold Blade increases his team’s energy level by two stages, so their next ability will be upgraded when their energy is at level five. As his personal energy increases, his strength and critical rate goes up, which can end up boosting strength by 20% and critical by 8% eventually. Each time his energy increases, his Energized ability boosts his strength by 20% for 15 seconds.


The new dragon is Shinobi. As the name suggests, this is a ninja dragon. He has a Shuriken Shower attack that also energizes allies. If the character he is tied to is also a dark type, their strength is increased by 20% and their attack skills’ damage are increased by 70%.


Here is the Dragalia Lost Festival Phenoms trailer.



In addition, a Dream Summon Special is in the Dragalia Lost shop until July 15, 2019. For 1,200 diamantium, the paid currency, people can get a Tenfold Summon Voucher and pick one Adventurer or Dragon they want to join their team. (1,230 diamantium costs $24.99.)


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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