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Gracia Returns For Samurai Warriors 4-II




Koei Tecmo has revealed the final four playable characters for Samurai Warriors 4-II, completing the cast of 14. Mitsuhide Akechi’s daughter Gracia, a familiar face from Samurai Warriors 2, Pokemon Conquest,  and Warriors Orochi 2, is among them.


The other three characters revealed for Samurai Warriors 4-II today are also returning characters. Takatora Todo has appeared in Samurai Warriors and Nobunaga’s Ambition before. Lady Hayakawa, daughter of Ujiyasu Hojo, debuted in Samurai Warriors 4 and will return for this installment. They’ll be joined Yoshisugu Otani, who suffers from leprosy and first appeared in Samurai Warriors 4 as well.


Koei Tecmo also released new screenshots that show Samurai Warriors 4-II’s upgradable mounts and weapons. If you match elementals of the two, it will allow the creatures and equipment to reach higher levels and become more powerful.


SW4-II_Hayakawa02 SW4-II_Hayakawa03 SW4-II_Hayakawa04 SW4-II_Mount01 SW4-II_Mount02 SW4-II_Mount03 SW4-II_Takatora01 SW4-II_Takatora02 SW4-II_Takatora03 SW4-II_Takatora04 SW4-II_Weapon01 SW4-II_Weapon02 SW4-II_Weapon03 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu01 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu02 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu03 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu04 SW4-II_Gracia01 SW4-II_Gracia02 SW4-II_Gracia04 SW4-II_Hayakawa01


Samurai Warriors 4-II will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Windows PC on September 29.

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