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Granblue Fantasy Anniversary Kicks Off With Tons of Freebies

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Granblue Fantasy Versus might be at the forefront of many players’ minds, but the game it’s based on, Granblue Fantasy, has been running on mobile devices and in browsers since 2014. In March 2020, Granblue Fantasy is celebrating its 6th birthday with lots of gifts and free prizes for new and current players. [Thanks, Grandcypher!]

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From March 10-31, 2020, players who log in each day will receive an additional 200 Crystals, which are used to roll for characters and weapons in the game’s “Draw” gacha. In addition, before logging in they’ll be able to spin on a special roulette hosted by Japanese TV mascots Gachapin and Mukku. The roulette promises between 10 and 100 free rolls each day. Random “frenzy” bonuses will unlock a chance to roll continuously until a player receives an SSR (Super Super Rare) character or summon.

Granblue Fantasy will also be giving new or casual players a free boost to their Grid, a set of items which forms the basis of more advanced play. A fully leveled and upgraded Omega-set weapon from each of the six elements will be sent to all players. Omega weapons are the foundations of a mid-level player’s Grid. That said, even advanced players may enjoy another prize: the “Birthday weapon ticket.” The ticket can be exchanged for one fully upgraded advanced-set weapon. Such weapons are usually only obtained through special events, like Xeno Raid battles, or take weeks of focused grinding to acquire and upgrade.

Of course, Granblue Fantasy has something for players willing to shell out some cash as well. A special Birthday Draw Set has been added for direct purchase. This awards a ticket that can be exchanged for almost any character in the game, including seasonal and “gala” limited characters. Cosmetic skins for the characters Aglovale and Clarisse are also available.

It’s not all giveaways and potential purchases, though. This Granblue Fantasy Anniversary also debuts a number of system and convenience-focused upgrades, as well as new content like raids, playable character classes, and even a retooled version of the game’s core battle system.

Times like these are a good point to start for players that might be interested in trying out Granblue Fantasy. The freebies can go a long way towards building a solid base to progress from, and cut out some of the game’s notoriously heavy grind. The 6th Birthday Celebration will last until March 31, 2020.

Granblue Fantasy is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. It is also playable on PCs in browsers.

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