Granblue Fantasy Anime Blu-Ray Comes With An English Dub



    The Granblue Fantasy anime will be released in two volumes on Blu-Ray, and Aniplex recently released a new trailer for the anime that showcases the English dub.


    So far, here are the announced cast:

    • Kyle McCarley, voicing Gran
    • Kira Buckland, voicing Lyria
    • Sandy Fox, voicing Vyrn
    • Erica Lindbeck, voicing Katalina
    • Kyle Hebert, voicing Rackam
    • Jackie Lastra, voicing Io
    • Faya Mata, voicing Sierokarte
    • Katelyn Gault, voicing Sturm
    • Ray Chase, voicing Drang


    The first volume releases on May 15, 2018, while the second releases on July 17, 2018. Volume 2 also comes with a unique episode that wasn’t broadcasted on TV.


    Here’s the full trailer below:


    Granblue Fantasy is available for iOS and Android in Japan.

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