D-C0c4xVAAEhzMt Granblue Fantasy’s latest event has begun and, from the outset, it seems rather ordinary. The Maydays is the latest Summer Vacation and runs until July 5, 2019. However, it turns out it is also a parody of the Sharknado movies. Different elements, such as the voice actors for two NPCs, the enemies, and some assorted lines, all add up for a Sharknado parody. (Thanks, DigiviAK, USA_Akasa and Granblue-EN!)


During The Maydays, sharks at the shore have suddenly grown wings. They are now flying in to attack innocent people. It is up to players to help by fighting in raid battles and The Sharkening minigame. (There is actually also a quest called The Sharkferno.) New weapons include a Stuffed Shark that is a harp and a Shark Head that is essentially a shark skeleton spear.


The really interesting part involves the voice actors for the Shark Hunter and Oceanographer NPCs in The Maydays. The Shark Hunter looks a bit like Ian Ziering, who plays Sharknado lead character Finlay Shepard, while the Oceanographer resembles Cassie Scerbo, who plays Nova Clarke. In the Japanese dub of Sharknado 3, known in Japan as Sharknado: Extreme Mission, has Kenyu Horiuchi as Shepard and Yuuko Kaida as Clarke. Shark Hunter is voiced by Horiuchi and Oceanographer by Clarke.


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Granblue Fantasy is available for PCs and both Android and Apple iOS devices.

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