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Granblue Fantasy Versus’ Katalina Is Ready For Anything In Her Trailer


Granblue Fantasy Versus is going to be full of familiar characters from the mobile game, which means Lyria’s sworn protector couldn’t possibly be left out. (I mean, she even joins during Granblue Fantasy’s prologue!) Katalina is going to appear to fight, and a new trailer shows exactly what people can expect from someone who used to be an Erste Empire knight.

Granblue Fantasy Versus’ Katalina is a typical warrior who fights with a sword. (I mean, she collects them, so she probably has a lot lying around.) Her trailer shows an introduction to a fight with Gran, then goes into looking at some of the abilities in her moveset. To be specific, the clip notes she is an “all-rounder” who will use her sword to pierce foes with the Enchanted Lands attacks or pursue enemies with a Light Wall ability. We even get to see a striking (literally) animation of one of her major attacks.

This Granblue Fantasy Versus Katalina trailer is actually the second one for the game to appear this week. A few days ago, a more detailed look at Gran, one of the main protagonists both in the mobile game and fighting game, appeared.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will come to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 6, 2020. It will appear in North America and Europe in the first quarter of 2020.

Jenni Lada
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