Grand Kingdom Trailer Helps Players Prepare For Battle

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As a strategy game, Grand Kingdom relies on many game mechanics. To help people learn how to play the game and understand the flow of battle, NIS America has released a three minute video that goes over the basics.


The video begins with the most common elements. Icons on the bottom of the screen shows the turn order. Once you select a hero or heroine, you’ll find they have move and action gauges. Moving on the field depletes the move gauge, while attacking reduces the action gauge. However, any unspent move gauge points can be put toward skills. Attacks and combos are triggered with the circle button.


It also goes over some of the units people will use in Grand Kingdom. Fighters are a melee unit that specialize in using damaging combos. Hunters and Witches are ranged and magic units, and people using them have to time their attacks so they land on enemies. There are also Specialists units, like Medics, that act as a healer for the Mercenary Squad.


Objects’ importance is also stressed. You can use them as a defensive measure, to put distance between your Mercenary Squad and opponents. Some objects also strengthen characters by being present. Some objects can be climbed, so the attacks of ranged unit like a Hunter or Witch will have a further reach.


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Grand Kingdom will first come to European PlayStation 4s and PlayStation Vitas on June 17, 2016. It will arrive in North America on June 21, 2016. The official website is now open.

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