Grand Kingdom Video Demonstrates A Variety Of Useful Battle Features

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Spike Chunsoft released their latest video for Grand Kingdom, their upcoming tactical RPG that is in development with Grand Knights History director Tomohiko Deguchi. The video demonstrates the basics and a variety of useful battle features.


The very bottom of the screen shows us the “Timeline” which indicates the turn order for allies and enemies. There are two blue bars above the Timeline, with the lower one showing the “Movement Gauge,” which depletes whenever you move.


The second blue bar shows the “Action Gauge,” which is similar to the Movement Gauge except it goes down whenever you do any attacks or use skills, which can simply be done by mashing the circle button whenever you’re near an enemy to perform combos.


At the 0:45 mark, the video demonstrates some of the classes in action. Fighters excel at connecting combos in close-range combat. Next they demonstrate a few ranged attackers like the shooting-type Hunters and the magic-type Witch class. Their skill combos are done by timing the markers on the target as they appear.


Specialists vary quite a lot so you’ll need to try them out for yourself, and Medics have a variety of healing skills. The next part shows us a variety of gimmicks that are in the game. This ranges from objects found on the field to units that can support other party members through buffs and passive skills. Ranged attackers can also reach further by shooting from higher grounds.


At the 2:00 mark of the video, we get a look at the “Assist” and “Guts” features. By defeating enemies, you can increase the “Assist Gauge,” which is used to active Assist and Guts moves. Assist activates when an enemy needs just one more hit to defeat, and a party member will throw in the last hit as a helper. Meanwhile, the Guts feature activates when you get KO’d, and gives you another chance to stay alive with a couple HP.


Grand Kingdom will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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