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Grand Kingdom’s Western Release Includes The DLC Campaigns And Characters



When Grand Kingdom was released in Japan, there was quite a bit of DLC. Of the 17 character classes, people had to pay for five of them. There were also 36 additional campaign chapters to download. When the game comes to North America and Europe, all of this will be immediately available.


The Archer, Dark Knight, Noble, Paladin, and Valkyrie were the DLC classes. The Archer is a ranged unit, like the Hunter, but with abilities that support her team, rather than deal additional damage to foes. Dark Knights are dual-wielding melee units with dark magic attacks. The Noble is another melee unit that relies on combos and major attacks. The Paladin is a melee tank that’s designed to act as a wall to protect units behind him. Finally, the Valkyrie is a melee attacker that relies on combos.


Playing through Grand Kingdom’s extra campaign chapters help people learn more about Resonail’s four Great Nations. The 12 standard campaign chapters follow the exploits of the guild, but the other 36 focus on events within Fiel, Landerth, Magion, and Valkyr.

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Grand Kingdom will come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America on June 21, 2016. Europe will get a few days earlier on June 17, 2016. People who pre-order the PlayStation 4 version from the North American PlayStation Store can get the game for $40.49, 10% off of the standard retail price, as well as a PlayStation 4 theme and four Charm Scrolls that refund a unit’s applied stat points and lets you change how they look.

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