Granzella Trading Card And Strategy Hybrid Game Hototogisu Tairan Releases For Smartphones Today


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    Back in the end of 2018, Granzella released a trading card and strategy hybrid game, Hototogisu Tairan 1553 Ryuko Aiutsu for the Nintendo Switch eShop, and today the company announced that the game’s smartphone version launches today in Japan. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


    In Hototogisu Tairan, you have cards with various effects that you build into decks, and control on a playing field with a 5×5 grid with a spectrum of strategic elements. Check out some screenshots below:

    hototogisu tairan 2 hototogisu tairan 3

    hototogisu tairan 4


    The smartphone version will have cross-platform multiplayer with the Nintendo Switch version, although it seems there isn’t any account linking process so that progress can be carried over between versions.


    Hototogisu Tairan is available today on iOS and Android, and is available as Hototogisu Tairan 1553 Ryuko Aiutsu on Nintendo Switch.

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