Grasshopper Manufacture’s HD Remaster Of The Silver Case Playable At BitSummit



Goichi Suda is known for titles such as Killer 7 and No More Heroes, but his first game The Silver Case is his company’s first title, and it’s getting an HD remake that’ll be playable at BitSummit on July 9 and 10 in Japan.


The HD remake of the adventure game was originally expected to release last year, but after a short delay the game is set for release on PC via Steam in Fall 2017. You can read more about The Silver Case in our earlier report.


The Silver Case’s Story:

Detective Tetsuguro Kusabi is driving home on the night of a full moon, when he notices the car’s headlights shining on a figure in the road ahead. When Kusabi slows to a halt, he realizes the figure, a young man, is armed with a revolver, which he proceeds to fire at the car’s windshield. Kusabi narrowly escapes the path of the bullet, and immediately contacts his fellow officers at 24 Precinct, just as the shooter slips out of sight.


24 Precinct dispatches three members of the Republic task force to investigate the abandoned Cauliflower facility, where the shooter is suspected to be hiding. Two soldiers, Akira and Kenji Sakamoto, perform a full sweep of the building, while the third member, Inomata, stays behind. During the search, Akira and Sakamoto discover a series of homicides, and all but one survivor are procured. Sakamoto attends to the victim, while Akira pursues the criminal. On the roof of the building, the killer, named Ryo Kazan, is shot by another frantic woman, Rumi Tohba, before both Kazan and Tohba are shot to death by Kusabi.


Here’s a look at some screenshots:





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