Gravity Is All You Need To Take Out Guards In MGSV: Ground Zeroes



    It turns out that Snake doesn’t need all of those high-tech gadgets and weapons to disable guards in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. He fares just fine with a corpse to hand and higher ground.


    It’s YouTube user “Rabbit’s Respawn” who brought this revelation to light after he turned his signature, stylish NPC killing skills to the PC version of Ground Zeroes to spectacular result.


    In his video titled “GRAVITY KILLS,” he starts the main mission of Ground Zeroes by killing the guard in the first watch tower at the edge of Camp Omega. He then ascends the watch tower, grabs the corpse he just created, and flings it at another guard walking along the nearby road.


    The force of the body landing on top of the guard seemingly knocks him out. Being Rabbit’s Respawn—who has set-up elaborate quad bike kills in Far Cry 3, and turns assassinations in Dishonored into a form of violent ballet—he wasn’t happy with only flinging a body at a guard down below.


    So, as you can see in the video, he then constructs a more explosive version of the same trick, blowing up a watch tower by shooting the barrel sat next to it, which flings the guard inside out of the watch tower and on top of another guard down below who was investigating a dead body.

    Chris Priestman

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