Gravity Rush 2 Details On Its Setting, Online Elements, DLC, And More

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Sony Computer Entertainment is currently hosting an ongoing special countdown live stream for the release of Gravity Rush Remastered in Japan, where they shared a bunch of information on Gravity Rush 2. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


On the Anime:


  • The anime will tell the story of what happens in the several months that take place between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.


  • It is in production by a “very excellent” company, and will release in 2016.


On Gravity Rush 2:


  • With the gravity action as a priority, all the elements are being brushed up.


  • “Lively Experience” is the keyword, and they’re looking to break out of the “occluded” feeling of the Japanese game industry with this title.


  • The game takes place in an exotic city that gives off the vibe you’d get from South America and Southeast Asia.


  • Asynchronous communication methods such as being able to send in-game pictures to friends are some of the new features they’re preparing for the game.


  • The city sways in the air, as if it were being pushed by waves. Again, you’ll get to enjoy catastrophic experiences, where you might see things like giant cities turning into enemies.


  • They’ve added a variety of enemies, such as humanoid and machine-type ones.


  • All the main characters from the previous game will make an appearance.


  • Raven appears as a partner. She’ll participate as a reliable buddy, and will do actions like doing special moves at the same time you do.


  • The cooperation with Raven is basically part of the story, so you won’t be able to have her by your side at all times. They do have the desire to add a way to play as Raven, and it’s something they’re heavily brainstorming.


  • The “Attribute Tune” system allows you to switch between three types of gravity characteristics. They are:


    • Normal: same as the previous game.
    • Luna: its high mobility without consuming any gravity energy is its main characteristic.
    • Jupiter: movement slows down, but Kat’s attack increases, and she’s able to guard.


  • The above video gives us a look at some of Raven in action, along with the Attribute Tune system in motion.


  • “Photo Mode” will be added. You’ll get to place all kinds of different objects, create sceneries, and take pictures. It will have filters, too.


  • The field sizes are roughly x2.5 of the previous game. The background gimmicks and number of missions have been increased. Their current goal is to have about 50 side-missions.


  • It’s currently difficult to give a number for its development status, but they can say that they’ve produced about 30% to 40% of the gimmicks, and they say that it’s quite the scale of work.


  • There will be an “alternate dimension” in the game. Its variety has become much more splendid.


  • “Panorama” and “global feel” are some of the thoughts that are going into the making of Gravity Rush 2. White snow, blue skies, and such work with with the affinity of the PlayStation 4’s light processing.


  • You can enjoy the story without having played the first Gravity Rush, but they say that it’ll be more enjoyable if you’ve played it. They’re also working on something special for those with save data of the first game.


  • The music is composed by Koehei Tanaka, who worked on the previous title. They feel that there’s more of a global feel to the track, this time around.


  • They’re putting more effort into the voicing of the game, for things such as dialogue with Raven, and other parts. They will be speaking in an original tongue in Gravity Rush 2 as well, and they feel that imagining what they’re saying is part of the fun.


  • In addition to the Photo Mode, they’re preparing something along the lines of “Photo Ghost,” where you might find something translucent in town, and give it value by “liking” it. It will also be compatible with Twitter.


  • Gravity Rush 2 won’t have any kind of virtual reality going on, but they hope to do something with that in the future.


  • As for online elements: being able to friends pictures for treasure box hints, and time attack modes are in consideration. Time attack would have not only a ranking but also the ability to battle with ghosts. You’ll also get to send challenges to friends. They’re currently thinking of additional online elements for post-game activities.


  • Hopes for the series future: to make Gravity Rush 2 into a game that won’t fade out even after 10 or 20 years go by.


  • There will be plenty more costumes than the previous game. Halloween costumes and such are being thought up.


  • There will be DLC. Currently thinking of something different from the previous title.


Here’s a look at the latest gameplay footage that was shown during the event:

Gravity Rush Remastered will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on December 10th, 2015 in Japan, and February 2nd, 2016 in the West. Gravity Rush 2 will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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