Gravity Rush 2 Details On Its Story And Main Characters

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Sony revealed Gravity Rush 2 at the SCEJA Press Conference prior to Tokyo Game Show, and have updated the game’s official website with more details on the story and its main characters.





Due to the weapon incident by former mayor D’nelica, the Aerial City of Hekseville has been under reconstruction. After a notice of some abnormal gravity wave activities going on, the Gravity Princess Kat went to investigate together with her Shifter partner Raven and the police officer Syd.


Kat felt that something was off, and before they knew it, their surroundings were hit by a major gravity storm, and a gravity whirlpool that engulfed all of them before they could even do anything about it.



Afterwards, Kat finds herself casted ashore at the Banga Village, which happens to be in a remote and alternate dimension. The people of this village make a living by gathering Gravity Ores at the ruins.


Now that Kat has been seperated from Dusty, the gravity cat, she no longer has her special powers, and spends time doing merciless work digging for the ores at the mines.


Kat has been working together with Syd, who has also landed in the same place as her. A new mysterious type of Nevi appears in front of them, and in this world they’re called the “black insect.” The two are about to face some unprecedented dangers…




2015-09-21_090325 character_panel1

A young girl who lost her memories. She saved the Aerial City Hekseville from a Gravity Storm, and has since then been called the Gravity Princess by its people.




2015-09-21_090342 character_panel2

Once a rival of Kat’s, but she’ll be back as a partner in Gravity Rush 2.




2015-09-21_090403 character_panel3

Syd and Kat solved all kinds of cases together. He’s an officer but also a bit of a troublemaker.


stage_palel1 stage_palel2


The town is overflowing with vigor, and will have you feel the vitality of its people.






The above is a look at some of the upcoming action we’ll see in the game.


Gravity Rush 2 will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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