Nintendo 3DS

The Great Ace Attorney Has Some Great Animation



The Great Ace Attorney takes place long before theoriginal series started, but much of the gameplay still remains familiar to what you’ve seen in previous titles. The official website shares a look at some of the awesome animations you’ll see during the early trials.



Ryunosuke seems to have been accused of murder, but even after denying it, he’s still called a murderer by the official in charge.



Kazuma Asougi, Ryunosuke’s trusted friend, gives advice and is confident that Ryunosuke will pull through. He also has an awesome headband that flows in all the right moments.



You always have those guys like Taketsuchi Auchi that are just troublesome to deal with in Ace Attorney games. We can also see where Phoenix Wright got some of his facial expressions from.


As Ryunosuke claims his innocence, the prosecutor calls out an eyewitness. This is where the testimony is heard and examined, as part of the cross-examination phase.

During the cross-examinations, you can repeat the testimony as many times as needed, and Kazuma will also be there to help you out with advice, and to keep Ryunosuke calm during the heated moment.


cross examination 2


cross examination 3

Like Phoenix Wright after him, Ryunosuke will need to find contradictions to get himself out of a pinch. By playing your cards right, you can turn the trial in your favor, and prove Ryunosuke’s innocence.



The Great Ace Attorney will release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.