Great Edo Blacksmith Introduces Its Cynical Beauty, Yugiri

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In Great Edo Blacksmith, the protagonist doesn’t have much longer to live and he needs to make the best of it by getting money so he can spend time with beautiful women and hopefully fall in love. The game’s latest video introduces to one of the three beauties.


As you can see, Yugiri is quite a beauty with long black hair. However, she’s also quite the pessimist and seems to have given up on life. In the video she speaks with a polite tone, but she says things like “living is tough,” and “let’s get it over with, I’ll do anything for you.”


She also says things like “I know that’s all you wanted to do,” and other quotes about the protagonist being a pervert.


However, just like in the earlier video with the ditzy Kiyohana, things get pretty dark towards the end when she reveals that her father died by the sword, as she shouts out asking the protagonist why is he at such a place like that, and it’s as if her father threw away his life for nothing.


Great Edo Blacksmith will be released in Japan on November 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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