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Great Edo Blacksmith Shows How To Make Money And How To Splurge With It



So far, we’ve been introduced to the three love candidates of Great Edo Blacksmith, and seen a bit of the dungeon exploring in action. The game’s latest trailer gives us an idea of how you’ll spend your time making money and spending it on the ladies.


The video starts out with one of the game’s three love candidates in Kiyohana, who is there to give a little tour of Niruya and other introductions. She starts out by giving a look at the town and showing off some of its locations.


Since the protagonist only has about a year to live, there’s a little indicator that will always remind you how many days are left. The goal will be to make money in town with materials found in the dungeons, in order to spend plenty of time with the girls.


The protagonist’s health isn’t at its best, so he can hire all kinds of helpers for dungeon exploring. Kiyohana says that these helpers are full of cute girls, so try not to make her too jealous.


Once you get some material to make swords and other goods, the next step is to sell them off in town so you can make money to blow on the girls, for the sake of finding true love.


While in town, you’ll get to have conversations with the hired helpers. They’ll tell you things such as showing concern about your health, or like that one chick in black and how she made Kiyohana jealous by saying “why are you spending money on that? I’d do it for free”.


There’s also a dice rolling game to gamble money, just in case you want to try testing out your luck to have more to spend on Kiyohana, just in case you made her jealous.


The three main love candidates are the cute Asaka, the cynical beauty Yugiri, pretty but ditz Kiyohana. By spending enough time with them, you’ll get to have some special time together, as seen around the 4:25 mark of the video.

Great Edo Blacksmith is slated for release in Japan on November 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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