The Great Whale Road – A Tactical RPG Of Medieval Clans



The Great Whale Road is a story-driven, tactical RPG where players must lead an early medieval clan to survival. Through trade and warfare, players will equip their people with what they need to live through the harsh oncoming winters.




Gameplay is split into two separate seasons. During Winter, players will have to manage their food stores and items while planning for the year to come. In Summer, players can explore the world, finding new villages and establishing trade with other people.




Hunger is not their only enemy, as players will find many foes by land and sea. Fights against them will be carried out in grid-based combat, using several character classes that each possess their own special warcry ability.




The Great Whale Road is available now on Steam Early Access, telling the first part of the Danish faction’s storyline. Planned additions will add campaigns for other historical cultures like Northumbrians, Franks, and Picts, as well as increase the challenge and add more character abilities and skills. 

Alistair Wong
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