The good news is there is a new video game based on the manga series Berserk. The bad news is it, like the PlayStation 2 game, probably won’t be localized. Berserk: Raging Waves of Mercenaries is a social game from GREE, but the graphics are in 3D. Players control a band of mercenaries and swipe the screen to attack. Berserk has a group of original characters which can team up with Guts and other characters from the Band of Hawk.


Berserk: Raging Waves of Mercenaries is available as a free download for iOS devices.


berserk-01 berserk-12 berserk-11 berserk-10 berserk-09 berserk-08 berserk-07 berserk-05 berserk-04 berserk-03  berserk-14 berserk-13

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