Greek Myth Action-RPG Apotheon Gets A Standalone Online Multiplayer Spin-Off


Alientrap has released a free online multiplayer spin-off of its 2D Greek myth-based action-RPG Apotheon. It’s called Apotheon Arena and is available to download on Steam.


If you already own Apotheon then you won’t need to download this standalone game as you can play the multiplayer component from inside the main game.


Included in Apotheon Arena are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Team Elimination game modes. It also has 10 different arenas from around the game’s environments (from the Grove of Artemis to the Palace of Zeus), all realized in the game’s black-figure pottery art style.


Given that it’s set during the Bronze Age the weapons on offer include spears, swords, and axes as well as ranged variants like the bow and arrow.

Chris Priestman