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Greek Mythology Meets Funk-Fu In Funk Of Titans



Developer A Crowd of Monsters has announced that its groovy sidescrolling platformer Funk of Titans will be released as a download-only title on Xbox One on January 9th 2015. It’ll cost you $8.99.


While it’s standard stuff for a platformer, Funk of Titans does have an unusual blend of Greek mythology and funk music. You play as Perseus, the son of Zeus, who is sent to defeat the Music Titans: Pop, Rap, and Rock.


Doing this requires Perseus to use his unique martial arts, Funk-Fu, and occasionally disco dance to increase his funk level. Across the game’s 40+ levels you’ll also get to ride Pegasus – which is more of a rocking horse in this game – and obtaining flow as you knife through mindless enemies.


You can find out more about Funk of Titans on its website.

Chris Priestman