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Greninja Takes The Top Spot Of 720 Pokémon In A Recent Japanese Popularity Contest



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There was a huge popularity poll in Japan to see which of the franchise’s 720 Pokémon is the most popular in Japan. With 562,386 total votes, here’s a look at the top-12 Pokémon voted by fans. [Thanks, Oricon Style.]


Here are the top-12 Pokémon:

  • 12th -  Eevee
  • 11th – Mewtwo
  • 10th – Meloetta
  • 9th – Charizard
  • 8th – Zygarde
  • 7th – Rayquaza
  • 6th – Genosect
  • 5th – Sylveon
  • 4th – Pikachu
  • 3rd – Mew
  • 2nd – Arceus
  • 1st – Greninja



So there you have it, Greninja is the king of Pokémon when it comes to popularity, after having taken 36,235 of the total votes. Since the election started on April 16, Greninja was on top from around April 28th and carried the momentum until the end. The top 5 remained the same since about the mid-point of the voting.


To commemorate the occasion, those who attend the latest Pokémon movie in Japan will get a free Greninja present to their Pokémon X & Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.


Here’s a look at the top-100 Pokémon after the first 12:

Pokemon 100

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