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Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 6 Switch Version Will Appear This Summer

Grisaia Phantom Trigger 06 on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been catching up with its collection of Grisaia Phantom Trigger titles. Now Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 6 will come to the popular platform this Summer. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 6 first appeared on the PC via Steam in April 2019. It explains how the protagonist Haruto has been acting rather weirdly and that it may be connected to his late master, Aoi. As the protagonist’s group makes their yearly trip to Aoi’s grave, they will recall memories of their late friend.

Prototype also recently released a physical Switch cartridge that contains volumes 1 to 5 on April 28, 2021. The oddly-numbered Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 also appeared digitally on the platform on January 21, 2021. All Phantom Trigger titles on the platform contain Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese subtitles. The titles also feature Japanese voiceovers for almost all characters except Haruto.

This leaves Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 7 as the only volume available on PC but yet to make its way to the Switch. The latest volume to date, released on Steam in July 2020, has more than twice the content from any prior titles. While the description for Vol 7 implied that the story is entering its final chapters, the whole series’ story is not completely over yet.

The Nintendo Switch version of Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 6 will be available in Summer 2021.

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