How To Play Nippon Ichi’s Bean Sprouting Game MameQue


c20130807_mameques_16_cs1w1_x720 Nippon Ichi Software’s new iOS app, MameQue (Bean Quest) was recently released in Japan on August 7. The game is a far cry from their usual hardcore RPGs, it’s about players raising cute bean-shaped creatures called Mamenon and send them into dungeons to hunt for treasure.


To create Mamenon, you must plant beans in your farm and combine them with items that will lead to different types of Mamenon. For example, if you combine a bean with a leaf, it will grow into a Mamedanuki.



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Each Mamenon also requires a different amount of time to grow. Once it is ready for harvest, you need to pluck it out of the ground with a flick of your finger.


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In addition to beans, you can plant seeds that grow into abilities or accessories.



Once you raise several Mamenon, you can line them up into a party and send them into a dungeon. You can also connect with another player and join forces. While they’re inside a dungeon, they will proceed automatically and their progress will be displayed over time.

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When your Mamenon clear a dungeon, they will return with items and experience points.



If they fail to complete a dungeon, they will retreat. If they use up all of their energy, they will also turn back into a bean. However, they will retain their experience points, so they can grow back into a more powerful Mamenon.




Until August 12, Nippon Ichi Software is holding a campaign in which players can get a Mamenon exclusive to their prefecture. People in Hokkaido can get a Mamenon resembling a salmon-wielding bear, whereas residents of Gifu can get a Mamenon based on the houses in the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go.


Players can also get the Mametallica and Mamehei, based on The Witch and the Hundred Knights until August 18.

mametarica mamehei