Guess What “MOOGLE” Stands For In Final Fantasy Type-0


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This week’s Dengeki magazine has a few scant details about Final Fantasy Type-0 in it. The article introduces four new characters in the game, starting with the 174th headmaster, Kariyashibal VI.


Then there’s Izana, a Chocobo user who was on the verge of death in the game’s latest trailer. That’s him in the image above, in case you’re curious. If you watch the trailer again, you’ll notice he’s with a wounded Chocobo.


As far as we can tell, the third character’s name is pronounced Katolbashthal. It isn’t quite clear how one is meant to romanize it, so perhaps it would be best to wait for Square Enix’s official romanization.


The final character isn’t human; it’s a Moogle. Speaking of Moogles, the Dengeki article adds that the term “MOOGLE” stands for  “Military Operation Organization Guidance Logistic Expert”.

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