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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2’s Shares First Details And Screenshots For Baiken And Answer



Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 was revealed during the Arc System Works Fighting Game Award 2016 this past weekend, and Famitsu has provided an update with its first screenshots and details.


Baiken (CV: Mayumi Asano)


Baiken is a strong-minded female swordsman of Japanese descent. She has a projectile weapon hidden where her right arm used to be. After losing friends and family during the Holy War, she has vowed revenge to “That Man.”


Her battle style concept remains the same “attack and defend as one” as seen in past Guilty Gear games. Her new special attack called “Azami” that takes a stance to stop a hit from the enemy can be followed up with various attack patterns from there, providing her with a renewed battle style. She also retains familiar attacks such as “Tatami Gaeshi”



Azami is basically a counter move that requires proper timing to take an enemy attack. While it can be difficult to time, you can use it while guarding or even in mid-air.



Tatami Gaeshi is Baiken’s trademark projectile move that has her smashing the ground with force to bring up a tatami mat to the face of the opponent. This, too, can also be used in mid-air, and comes in handy for mid-ranged fights.


Answer (Tomokazu Seki)


He is the Chief of Staff under President Chipp Zanuff of the Eastern Kingdom of Chipp. He has developed abnormal memory power that makes him never forget any kind of event he witnesses. For that reason, those who know him call him the “Human Database.”


Answer is self-taught in the arts of ninjutsu, and is a speedy character that specializes in placing business cards and scrolls in strategic arrangements on the ground. Attacking with his doppelganger, warping, dash attacks using scrolls, are just some of the secretary’s many moves in his repertoire. Using his tricky movements, you can beat down enemies in ninja fashion.



“Intellininpo: Ringi no Sho” that involves setting a scroll in mid-air. By grabbing the scroll, you’ll get to pull off other special moves.



“Intellininpo: Musasabi” is one of those special moves that follows after Ringi no Sho. When moving away from the placed Ringi no Sho, it becomes a dash attack. You can also go from Ringi no Sho to Ringi no Sho to move.


Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 releases in Japan in Spring 2017 for arcade. The PS4, PS3, and PC versions will release in 2017.

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