PlayStation Vita

Gun Gun Pixies Gameplay Footage Shows How You’ll Infiltrate A Girl’s Dorm



Compile Heart shared the latest gameplay footage for their upcoming PS Vita third-person shooter, Gun Gun Pixies, where we get to see the tiny aliens infiltrate a girl’s dormitory.


Kame-pon’s voice talent Yuka Otsuba and Misa Torii’s in Ayaka Imamura give us a basic look at the game, starting with its prologue and action parts. Unlike your usual aliens, Kame-pon and Bii-tan are mostly there to observe humans to learn to interact with each other, so they can go back and help relationships on their home planet. However, you’ll need to go undetected in the girl’s dorm in order to do so.


Gun Gun Pixies releases in Japan on April 27, 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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