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Gun Gun Pixies Runs Us Through Its Different Modes



Compile Heart updated the official website for their upcoming third-person shooter, Gun Gun Pixies. The game’s main alien girls give us an overview of the main modes.



“Full Mission” or Story Mode is the main mode for the third-person shooter.




One characteristic part about Story Mode is that you can keep going through its story without ever going back to Briefing (main menu), so long as you continue without failure.


Also keep in mind that the game doesn’t have an auto-save feature. You’ll get to save after clearing a mission or through configurations, but with that in mind, you’ll want to be careful, especially before taking on boss fights.



The next one is Practice Mode. Whenever you clear a stage in Story Mode, it archives under Practice Mode for you to revisit. It gives you the option to select stages, and won’t have a way to save.




There’s also a way to customize things in Practice Mode by changing its tenant as well as their outfits.

mode10 mode9


Upon clearing it, you’ll see your record for clear time, “Picoin” count, information (intel gathering), damage, and hit accuracy.


mode12 mode13



In addition to taking on various challenges, you’ll get to also change the “poses” of the tenants. These pose changes are seen when the tenants close their eyes or have them open and get shot by a Happy Bullet. Depending on their situation, they’ll react differently.


 mode17 mode18


Deck Mode is the part you’ll go to change outfits for the two little alien girls. It’s also where you’ll go to make purchases such as equipment and items to power up your guns at the shop.



Health, attack power, and other stats don’t change from changing costumes, so you’ll get to choose just about any outfit you want without any worries about stats.


mode21 mode22

mode23 mode24


Configuration is your options menu, where you’ll get to save and load your games. It’s also where you’ll make camera and control adjustments, as well as sound, message speed, and more. There’s also a “Secret” option but we won’t get to learn about that today.



And finally, the last mode is Gallery Mode, which is the last mode you’ll get to unlock. Not much is known about Gallery Mode, but it lets you check out events, characters in 2D and 3D, and more.


Here are a few more screenshots to show its Gallery Mode:


mode27 mode28


mode30 mode32

mode33 mode34



Gun Gun Pixies releases in Japan on April 27, 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

Update: A previous version of this article had D3 Publisher as the publisher of Gun Gun Pixes when Compile Heart is the game’s publisher. The article has been corrected and updated.

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