Gunboots Platformer Downwell Shows Off New 60FPS Footage, Music By Spelunky Composer


Devolver Digital has released a new video of Japanese indie developer Ojiro Fumoto’s upcoming gunboots platformer Downwell. It shows raw footage of the game at 60 frames per second.


You play as a young boy who ventures into a well to find treasures armed with his gunboots. There are red gems to collect and plenty of creatures to shoot and stomp on.


As you progress you can find upgrades for your gunboots in secret rooms off to the sides of the well. Upon completing each level you also get a chance to select one of three upgrades for the boy.


Also in the video you can hear the soundtrack by Spelunky composer Eirik Suhrke. Downwell will be coming to PC, iOS, and Android “soon.”

Chris Priestman