Gundam Breaker Mobile Is Now Available To Build Your Own Units


gundam breaker mobile

This week, Gundam Breaker Mobile took to mobile store shelves and began service, with over 700 thousand pre-registrations. The game is the latest entry in the Gundam Breaker sub-series that began on PlayStation 3.


Like other Gundam Breaker games, you’re able to mix and match parts from Gundams and other units across the entire series. You can also customize the paintjob and take screenshots with a variety of poses and backdrops.


Gundam Breaker Mobile also has its own story mode where you’re a student in the Gunpla Club, and are asked to join Gunpla Battles by fellow club member Miyama Sana.


Two new trailers have been released for the game focusing on the story and the gameplay:

Story trailer:


Gameplay trailer:


Gundam Breaker Mobile is available on Android and iOS.

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